A Beginner Guide on How to Bet on Football at VN88 Bookie

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Are you a beginner looking to start betting on football but don’t know where to begin? Look no further than VN88 bookie! As one of the leading online bookmakers in Vietnam, VN88 provides easy access to an array of football betting options. In this guide, we will provide an overview of how to bet on football at VN88 and everything you need to know before getting started.

Why bet on football at VN88?

VN88 provides players with an unprecedented level of access to hundreds of football matches from around the globe on a daily basis. With up-to-date coverage of tournaments such as the Olympics, Premier League, Italian National Championship, and French National Championship bettors will have no shortage of betting options for each game!

Football betting at VN88 offers bettors an array doithuong of advantages – from being able to review their betting history, observe the match progression in real-time, and view results quickly, as well as monitor potential changes in odds. Furthermore, players are privy to attractive promotions on special occasions based on their own financial means.

How to bet on football at the VN88 bookie

Guide to Play

Step 1: Log in to your VN88 account https://vn88.pro/dang-nhap-vn88/ by accessing the homepage and entering your username and password in the upper right box of the screen. If you do not have an account, please register VN88

Step 2: At the main interface of VN88, select ” Sports “

Step 3: Continue to choose the service that VN88 offers: E – sports or A – Sports.

Step 4: Select the match by clicking on the time box of each match you want to select

Step 5: Select the bet, and bet amount and click on the box “ Bet ” to complete. You can place an unlimited amount, place bets such as over and under, last goal, tieback, total goal, the first team to score, etc.

Some tips when betting on VN88 football at VN88

  • You should learn as well as look at the best of the match you are about to bet on. For example, the history of confrontation, the recent form of the two teams, and the position on the rankings before factnewsph deciding.
  • Must have their own judgment, and should not follow the psychology of the crowd because often the bets that have too many people placed, the risk of overturning is very high.
  • Bet objectively, do not use the psychology of placing your favorite team to bet on VN88 football.
  • Only bet within a certain limit, and do not play for too long because it will make it easy to misjudge. Setting limits for yourself prevents you from losing too much and still preserves your capital for the next day.

Guide to read sports bets

Here are 3 steps for you to familiarize yourself with and understand sports bets at VN88, making it easier for you to bet on football:

Step 1: Distinguish types of bets

In the left corner of your screen, you will find a comprehensive list of bets offered by our VN88 dealer. This selection includes Handicap and Over/Under, exact score, 1×2, total goals, odd-even, 1st half result, full-time result, first goal/ end, or aggregate betting – which are perfect for both novice and experienced players alike! When in doubt about their options however Vietnamese gamers tend to choose the tried-and-true handicap as their bet.

Step 2: Learn the rules of the types of rafters

Bookies often rely on Handicap betting to ascertain the difference in strength between two competing teams. Here, one team is deemed strong and the other weak – when wagers are placed at any point of the match, a score will commence. This type of bet has become immensely popular among players as it allows them to accurately gauge each team’s potential.

For instance, if you make a bet before the match begins, your score would be recorded as 0 – 0. On the other hand, placing a bet mid-game and there is already one goal scored would still record that wager as 0 – 0 until further developments of the game can determine whether or not it was successful.

With Over/Under betting, the dealer will give an expected match outcome – it’s up to you then to decide if the result is more or less than what was offered. It’s nearly identical to a handicap bet and offers players plenty of chances for success!

Players are always entitled to gamble at any moment, even if the competition has already been decided. When the match concludes, you’ll be able to discern whether or not your bet was successful based on how many goals were scored throughout.

Step 3: Distinguish the types of handicap bets

Handicap 0-0.25: Upper team handicap under 0.25

Betting on the upper team? Here’s what could happen: A 0 – 0 result will cause you to lose half of your wager, while a 1 – 0 brings a full bet win. But if it’s an upsettingly close call at 0-1, then all bets are lost!

In contrast, betting for the under team will reward you with half of your initial stake when there is no score (0-0), yet any other combination (1–0 or 0–1) results in winning all bets!

Handicap 0.5 – 0.75: The upper team handicaps the lower team 0.5 – 1.

If you place a bet on the upper team, 0-0 means a total loss, and 1-0 yields half of your bet. But if by chance you wager on the lower team, 0-0 rewards full value while 1-0 is only worth half of what was initially placed. And in either scenario, when it’s 0 -1 there will always be no returns.

After you have distinguished the types of bets as well as the odds, you can be more confident to place a football bet at the VN88 bookie. If there are any unclear issues during the betting process, you can contact VN88’s support staff for further explanation.


Sports betting is an exciting and rewarding way to make money when done correctly. With the help of our guide, you can now place bets at VN88 with more confidence and understanding. By using these tips, remember to always set limits for yourself and never bet more than your means will allow. Have fun and good luck!

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