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There are several different ways to win money betting on college football. One great way is to play the ESPN College Pick Em game. Every Saturday, there are ten games to choose from. Each game has a confidence total of one to ten points. Players get points for picking the winner of each game.

This type of betting is popular in many sports, including baseball and hockey. In recent years, it has also gained popularity in college football. It is particularly popular among handicappers who believe in picking upsets. Moneylines can be extremely profitable for those who bet on upsets. In the betting market, a negative value means that the favorite (-150) is the underdog (-130), while a positive arenagadgets value means that the favorite (+150) is the favorite.

One of the best ways to win betting on a game on ESPN is to follow the betting odds closely. The first step is to find out the team’s record. If the team is undefeated, ESPN will most likely air the game. If not, you can look at its recent history. The team played in Stillwater last year, so a rematch would be a good bet.

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